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When depression is present, the dreadful feeling of worthlessness will surely linger in our minds. Sometimes, this thought could even lead one to suicide. And I believe everybody knows what suicide is, letting all those sadness, anger, and despair by ending the one who caused it; ourselves.

But those are only what our emotions are telling us what to do. Be the change, turn your life around. Simple, help those around you.

4 Genius Ways to Stop Those Feelings of Worthlessness Dead in Their Tracks

If you encounter such people, show some pity, while remaining secure in the knowledge that you're a lot better off - well, hopefully. Worthless people are: Macho guys, of the sit-at-home-and-watch-spike-tv-all-day variety, drive gas-guzzling pickup trucks but still can't seem to get a job.


When they finally do become employed, it often tends to be construction work, or perhaps working at Safeway. Girls who don't finish high school but instead get married to said guys and start popping out kids at Some will eventually get their GED and sometimes take advantage of university of phoenix or other loser online achools. Any person who cannot or refuses to maintain a job even if there employer is family.

Also anyone who is lazy has no future and is not willing to do anything to better themselves. The Ants Nip Nops Doomer-Zoomer Bangcock In other cases in which a bank does not obtain an express determination in connection with an examination of its loan review process, the election is revoked as of the beginning of the taxable year that includes the date as of which the supervisory authority conducts the examination even if the examination is completed in the following taxable year. A bank changing its method of accounting under the automatic revocation rules of this paragraph d 3 iv C must attach a completed Form to its income tax return for the year of revocation prescribed by paragraph d 3 iv C 2 of this section.

If the year of revocation is a year for which the bank has already filed its income tax return, the bank must file an amended return for that year reflecting its change in method of accounting and must attach the completed Form to that amended return.

Worthlessness Synonyms & Antonyms | rattlutuanorrstor.gq

The bank also must file amended returns reflecting the new method of accounting for all subsequent taxable years for which returns have been filed and tax may be assessed. D Revocation by Commissioner. An election under this paragraph d 3 may be revoked by the Commissioner as of the beginning of any taxable year for which a bank fails to follow the method of accounting prescribed by this paragraph. In addition, the Commissioner may revoke an election as of the beginning of any taxable year for which the Commissioner determines that a bank has taken charge-offs and deductions that, under all facts and circumstances existing at the time, were substantially in excess of those warranted by the exercise of reasonable business judgment in applying the regulatory standards of the bank 's supervisory authority as defined in paragraph d 3 III D of this section.

E Voluntary revocation. If any bank has had its election automatically revoked pursuant to paragraph d 3 iv C of this section and has not changed its method of accounting in accordance with the requirements of that paragraph, the Commissioner will require that any voluntary change in method of accounting under this paragraph d 3 iv E be implemented retroactively pursuant to the same amended return terms and conditions as are prescribed by paragraph d 3 iv C of this section.

For purposes of this paragraph d -. The term bank has the meaning assigned to it by section The term bank also includes any corporation that would be a bank within the meaning of section except for the fact that it is a foreign corporation , but this paragraph d applies only with respect to loans the interest on which is effectively connected with the conduct of a banking business within the United States. In addition, the term bank includes a Farm Credit System institution that is subject to supervision by the Farm Credit Administration.

For banks regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision, the term charge-off includes the establishment of specific allowances for loan losses in the amount of percent of the portion of the debt classified as loss.

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Internal Revenue Chapter I. Credits Against Tax Section 1. Evidence of worthlessness.



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