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Chrome-gold Ferrari s? This is their lair. And now, they share it with the Vengeance. Well, what else were we going to say?


So far, four Vengeances have been built. This black car is actually built on the short-lived Virage a facelifted, bhp DB9 in all but name , and is the original, 14,mile prototype. To date, one coupe has been sold to a customer, while two drop-top Volantes have also been completed.

Moving on. Now, bespoke panels do not come cheap. The suspension geometry and set-up, the steering and the powertrain are all standard Aston Martin Virage. This is quite some exhaust system, mind you… presuming that what you want from an exhaust system is quite simply the loudest noise internal combustion can possibly develop.


But no. The Vengeance builds walls of noise. Cross references: Romans : [Matt.

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Vengeances Vengeances
Vengeances Vengeances
Vengeances Vengeances
Vengeances Vengeances
Vengeances Vengeances
Vengeances Vengeances

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