Socialisms: Old and New

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It was our Green alternative to the public austerity that both Democrats and Republicans were proposing in the wake of the housing and financial meltdown. We called it the Green New Deal.

Why Socialism Is Back

Socialism is a different system of economic organization from capitalism. Sanders never addresses how capitalist property relations divide society into class hierarchies with the billionaire class on top. Under capitalism, workers are exploited. The owners, not the workers—the takers, not the makers—grab for themselves the wealth that workers create with their labor. Workers get a fixed wage, while capitalists take all the profits. Under socialism, workers receive the full value of their labor.

The net income after paying for production costs equipment, materials, supplies, taxes, etc. This socialist system of distribution yields an equitable distribution of income in the first place at the point of production. Capitalism is prone to economic crises due to overproduction during market booms, leading to excess inventories and layoffs during market busts.

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These recessions and depressions impoverish workers and further concentrate wealth as the bigger capitalists buy up assets at deflated prices. A socialist economic democracy can plan for stable production without boom and bust cycles, but Sanders gives no indication that this is part of the case for socialism. Capitalism, on the other hand, is a system of blind, relentless growth driven by its competitive structure, which requires capitalist firms to grow or die in the competition for market shares and profits. Capitalist growth disregards ecological limits and is destroying the ecological foundations of the human economy.

Socialism: An Old Dogma With No New Tricks | The American Spectator

Exxon, Chevron, and the Koch Brothers will never reinvest their earnings from fossil fuels into clean renewables. We need nothing less to defeat climate change. Capitalist competition also generates war. Global corporations enlist their home-based nation-states and militaries in an international competition for resources, markets, cheap labor, and geopolitical military positioning.

The speech said nothing critical about the U. Dictatorial control extends well beyond the workplace where employees work as directed by supervisors without many of the constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights. Capitalist economic dictatorship encompasses the whole economy and the government.

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Without socialist economic democracy, programs to implement the Economic Bill of Rights will be resisted or, if passed, rolled back by the capitalists because power will remain in their hands. Concentrated economic power under capitalism yields concentrated political power for the capitalist class. This power is obviously exercised through campaign donations, advertising, and lobbying. But it is also expressed directly in the economy. Capitalists can strike, too. They can refuse to finance government borrowing. They can withhold or offshore investments, depress the economy, and blame the reformers.

Usually, the threat of these measures is sufficient to bring progressive reformers to heel.

Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33

The capitalists who exercise this private economic power are not up for election. A Sanders administration would have to pander to the capitalists or face economic sabotage. Bill Clinton found this out. Democracy needs socialism. Political democracy requires economic democracy. Socialist economic democracy based on social ownership and democratic administration of the economy is needed so people have the power to enact and maintain an Economic Bill of Rights. Public opinion polling has consistently shown majority support for government action to realize these rights from the s up to today.

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I am again campaigning for it as I have in past campaigns. But in addition to calling for socialist economic democracy as necessary for securing these economic rights, I am also saying the Economic Bill of Rights must be implemented in a way that reverses the growing racial wealth gap and the increasing segregation in housing and segregation that we have experienced since the s.

Social Security at first excluded sharecroppers, farmworkers, and domestic workers, which disproportionately excluded black people and poor people of every color. The administration of the Home Ownership Loan Corporation, the Federal Housing Administration, and the public housing program discriminated against black people and increased segregation, as did the education and housing programs of the GI Bill.

New Deal policies increased the economic gap between black people and white people. It was Martin Luther King Jr.

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That is the anti-racist torch we must pick up today in campaigning for the Economic Bill of Rights. Anti-racism is one of the reasons we call for a Green New Deal in order to distinguish it from the racism of the old New Deal. This is a revised and updated edition of Tony Wright's critically acclaimed work that first appeared a decade ago. It provides a lucid and accesible survey of the major strands of socialist thinking right up to the present day and includes an assessment of the renewal of socialism in Britain.

It is an indispensable text for students and a stimulating guide to socialism past and present. But it is also a book with an argument. Tony Wright makes the case for a socialism that learns the lessons of its own history, roots itself in an ethic of community and applies traditional values in new ways. It is a book for everyone who wants to understand where socialism has come from - and where it might still be going.

Socialisms: Old and New
Socialisms: Old and New
Socialisms: Old and New
Socialisms: Old and New
Socialisms: Old and New
Socialisms: Old and New
Socialisms: Old and New

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