Real-Time Reservoir Management

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In their raw form the high frequency data does not lend itself to meaningful analysis and modeling. Our industry have not yet developed techniques to take full advantage of what the high frequency data streams have to offer. The exploration and production industry has made small advances in using the high frequency real-time data to make inferences at the single-well level, let alone at the full field level.

Real-time reservoir management: A multiscale adaptive optimization and control approach

Usage of such data sometimes is limited to identifying if a well is producing or not, which is a gross waste of valuable resources. The fact is that not much have been done and is available in the market when it comes to meaningful analysis of high frequency real-time data in order to add value to production operations or any other operations in the oil fields, either at the single-well level or at the full field level.

Online Learning of 4D Seismic Data for Real Time Reservoir Management

As mentioned before, the raw high frequency data must be processed to be prepared for analysis and modeling. ISI has developed workflows that are quite unique and unmatched in our industry.

Workflow: Real-Time Reservoir Management

At the single-well level, our workflows are capable of de-noising, cleansing and summarizing the data. Capturing the major patterns in the data and removing the redundancies.

The data is then passed to the analytical modules where it is processed and analyzed. Our unique analyses of high frequency data perform multiple tasks such as detecting wellbore deterioration a function of time, well behavior modeling using a proprietary algorithm for continuous improvement of the developed model.

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The developed model is trained to monitor well behavior using a perpetual learning and then predicting well's behavior. This is one of the most advance well monitoring and surveillance algorithms in the market.

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Other analytical techniques that have been developed specifically for the real-time data are algorithms for examining the drive mechanism and detecting sealing faults and flow barriers between wells, all in real-time. Images courtesy of the University of Wyoming Deploying new and better technology reduces constraints and provides more and better quality information about the reservoir that ultimately should improve Perceptions have changed for the better for the emerging oil and gas play as activity increases and others move into the neighborhood.

Digital Field and Reservoir Management - Sirius

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Real-Time Reservoir Management Real-Time Reservoir Management
Real-Time Reservoir Management Real-Time Reservoir Management
Real-Time Reservoir Management Real-Time Reservoir Management
Real-Time Reservoir Management Real-Time Reservoir Management
Real-Time Reservoir Management Real-Time Reservoir Management
Real-Time Reservoir Management Real-Time Reservoir Management

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