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A collection of BizTalk artefacts, links, white papers, and so on...
Enkay PRO for monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server

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Most of you might have come across situations where you have to map a huge number of elements from the source schema to the target schema using the BizTalk Mapper. Actually there are two scenarios where you can make use of this: 1. If your source and target schemas have an identical structure, or even if a part of your source schema and target schema have an identical structure. If your source and target schemas have an identical node names, or even if a part of your source schema and target schema have an identical node names.

Bring up your BizTalk mapping editor and load the source and target schemas. To Auto Map by Structure 2. To Auto Map by Node Name 2. Map the nodes by holding down the SHIFT key and drawing a line from the parent node of the source schema to the parent node in the target schema as shown in the figure below:.

Everybody knows that you need to use a custom pipeline to debatch an XML file, where you use a custom XML disassembler pipeline component to specify the Envelop schema and Document schema. Create and deploy an envelope schema Set the Body XPath property of the root node to the appropriate record in the envelope schema. All of the above are something that you will anyway make sure even when using a custom pipeline, so nothing new. Here is a nice blog post by Charles Young mentioning list of things that are supported in BizTalk. So here I have tried to summarize some of the things. Note this is by no means an exhaustive listing as there are other small but significant improvements.

Automatic installation of redistributable components. In BizTalk Server , the BizTalk team provide a single file that contains the latest version of all redistributable components required by BizTalk Server during installation, eliminating the need for users to individually search for the components. Simplified setup experience for first-time users. BizTalk Server includes a significantly simpler installation experience for the developer, single machine user, and the first time user. Flexible setup experience for advanced users.

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In BizTalk Server , the setup experience has been redesigned to provide greater flexibility to support the advanced user tasked with deploying solutions across large server farm. Once installation completes, the custom configurations can be exported and imported to ease the installation of settings across server farms or development build labs.

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  • Seamless upgrade experience. When a customer executes the BizTalk Server setup on a machine where BizTalk Server is already installed, the setup program will automatically upgrade the installation to BizTalk Server All solutions built for this earlier version will work unchanged in the new version. This allows administrators to work with a complete BizTalk application as a unit, greatly simplifying the management, troubleshooting, and deployment of business processes.

    Orchestration Zooming In BizTalk , working with complex orchestrations in the Orchestration Designer sometimes requires a lot of scrolling on the design surface to view different parts of the orchestration. In BizTalk Server , the designer has been enhanced to provide the ability to zoom in and out on an orchestration, allowing a developer to view only those parts of an orchestration of current interest.

    Application packaging Using the BizTalk Administration Console, an administrator can package entire applications into. Users now have the ability to create artifacts and messaging components by using the console in addition to configuring, deploying, stopping, and starting applications across multiple servers.

    Pro EDI in BizTalk Server R2 - CERN Document Server

    Rather than requiring an administrator to search for problems, the Group Hub page uses color-coded indicators to display those problems, allowing the administrators to take a more proactive approach to application monitoring. Organizations can now link the Office documents and tools familiar to knowledge workers with the enterprise portal systems that run their businesses.

    Recoverable Interchange In BizTalk, an Interchange can contain two or more messages, such as a batch. In BizTalk Server , a validation error in any message contained in the interchange will result in the entire interchange being suspended. With the introduction of Recoverable Interchange in BizTalk Server , only messages that fail validation are suspended, and the messages can be resumed once the error is corrected.

    In BizTalk Server , functionality is introduced to allow orchestration and send ports to subscribe to failed messages. When used appropriately, failed message routing can be used for notifying users of failed messages or building rich error handling and message repair capabilities. Message resume In BizTalk Server , message resume is only enabled for the send side but not for the received side. In BizTalk Server , nearly all receive-side messages can now be resumed through the Health and Activity Tracking tool.

    While in-memory mapping provides the best performance, it can quickly consume resources when large documents are mapped. In BizTalk Server , large messages will be mapped by the new large message transformation engine, which buffers message data to the file system, keeping the memory consumption flat.

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