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This one is a catchy idea to paint on the rocks.

An adorable rock character that says something is the cutest rock painting idea ever. The design is simple, draw a cute cartoon face in green color. Before the drawing, make sure the white paint is brushed all over the rock. Making a great contrast to the cute cartoon image.

You can set your mind free to choose the design you like. You can collect many rocks with various forms, shapes, and colors. Then, you may apply each of them all with a different design of your own. Make it unique and make it simple. Keep the rocks for your next supply. The key is to pick the right rock. As you can see, some kind of design looks better on a specific shape of the rock.

This round rock is applied with an artistic image of angel love. Show off a little bit of your artsy style with this cool heart image. The use of original gray color from the rock can also be a nice design. As you can see, you can just wash the rocks clean and start drawing the design. With a white marker or paintbrush, you can paint the natural surface with a simple and easy pattern. Drawing a motivational sentence on a rock is not a weird thing to do.

In fact, it could even improve your mood for the day. You can give this rock as a present to your friends. A monochromatic concept to a rock painting project can be a nice idea. You just only need to have two colors of paint to do this project, white and black.

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You can do a really simple design like a black-painted rock with white dots all over the rock. If you want to show off your artistic skill, start to focus on the detail. At first, you have to choose a detailed image to apply. It can be something like this beach image. Or, just copy this painted rock design. If you have your favorite movie, you can choose to have it on your rock. The quote from the movie can also be added to the rock design to strengthen the theme you have for the rock.

As you can see, this glossy rock has a tickling image. There are two images and two words on this rock. The first image is the bee, and below it, we have the image of a leave. The two images are supposed to be words. In the picture, there plenty of rock monsters with various style of expressions and color.

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The design concept is the only one which is a cute monster. You can play with the expression or emotions. Apply a different expression for each of rock. The additional items you need to make this rock painting design is some googly eyes. Get funky with this rock painting idea. The dots with various shape of purple offers a lot of excitement to the appearance of the rock. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube.

How to Paint Realistic Animals on Rocks

How to paint rocks. It started when I joined a local rock hiding group. I thought it would just be a fun activity to do with my kids during their summer break. With rock painting, I am able to take my artistic skills to a new level.

100 Best Painted Rocks

Every day, our email subscribers and Facebook followers ask questions about how to paint rocks. Where do you get all those rocks? Do I need a base coat for my rocks? To base coat or not to base coat…It really just depends on your preference. Some rocks I simply rinse and give a good scrub under water, allow to dry, and then paint! What kind of paint do you use for rock painting? Pick supplies you are comfortable using. How do you seal your rocks?

There are lots of different options out there to seal your rock painting masterpiece. Here are a few tips on how to seal your rocks: Look for a sealer that is weather resistant and non-yellowing.

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Make sure to spray from at least 10 inches back Start with a light coat. You can add a second and even third coat after. Always make a tester rock by adding a bit of whatever medium you decorate your rocks with and giving them a quick spray. Snowy owl! I would love to have this one displayed on a fence post, the same way we see them in this area in the winter months.

Patio paints have very good coverage and a little goes a long way. Love birds? Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Supplies I am a huge fan of these paints. Buy Paints Here You will also need paint brushes in various sizes , and the usual protective and cleanup supplies including an apron, soap and water for cleanup, pencil, and Sharpies for outlining details.

Instructions Some of these books were published before patio paints were available, but the actually painting instructions are still very good. Steps for Painting Rocks 1. Clean wash and dry the rock 2. Rough up the surface with sandpaper if needed. Apply primer optional and allow to dry thoroughly. Draw design with pencil. Apply patio paints. Add several coats of protective outdoor polyurethane when completely dry. Easy Beginner Project These ladybugs are super simple to paint and one of the most popular of all of the painted rocks you see here. This cat is a great choice for this shape of rock: This pot of daisies is one of my personal favourites: Another perfect choice for the shape of rock—a doe curled up, ready to snooze.

Another great project idea is to paint the rocks to look like houses in a village.

Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks
Painting More Animals on Rocks Painting More Animals on Rocks

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