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Commanding officers are assisted in executing these tasks by specialized staff officers and enlisted personnel. These military staff are a group of officers and enlisted personnel that provides a bi-directional flow of information between a commanding officer and subordinate military units. The purpose of a military staff is mainly that of providing accurate, timely information which by category represents information on which command decisions are based. The key application is that of decisions that effectively manage unit resources.

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While information flow toward the commander is a priority, information that is useful or contingent in nature is communicated to lower staffs and units. This term is also in common use within the computer security industry and in the context of cyberwarfare. Here the term refers to the influence an attacker has over a compromised computer system that they control. For example, a valid usage of the term is to say that attackers use "command and control infrastructure" to issue "command and control instructions" to their victims.

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Advanced analysis of command and control methodologies can be used to identify attackers, associate attacks, and disrupt ongoing malicious activity. There are a plethora of derivative terms which emphasise different aspects, uses and sub-domains of C2. A command and control center is typically a secure room or building in a government, military or prison facility that operates as the agency's dispatch center, surveillance monitoring center, coordination office and alarm monitoring center all in one.

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Command and control centers are operated by a government or municipal agency. They are also common in many large correctional facilities. A command and control center that is used by a military unit in a deployed location is usually called a "command post".

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Command and control warfare encompasses all the military tactics that use communications technology. It can be abbreviated as C 2 W.

An older name for these tactics is "signals warfare", derived from the name given to communications by the military. Newer names include information operations and information warfare. The objective is to deny information to the enemy and so disrupt its command and control capabilities. At the same time precautions are taken to protect friendly command and control capabilities against retaliation. In addition to targeting the enemy's command and control , information warfare can be directed to the enemy's politicians and other civilian communications.

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Modelling Command and Control : Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork

For the book about the history of nuclear weapons systems in the United States, see Command and Control book. For the film based on the book, see Command and Control film. For other uses, see Command and control disambiguation. Main article: Command and control malware. Alberts, and Jonathan R. Agre C2 Re-Envisioned: the Future of the Enterprise.

Modelling Command and Control

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Skickas inom vardagar. Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. Since its inception, just after the Second World War, Human Factors research has paid special attention to the issues surrounding human control of systems. Command and control environments continue to represent a challenging domain for human factors research.

Modelling Command and Control Modelling Command and Control
Modelling Command and Control Modelling Command and Control
Modelling Command and Control Modelling Command and Control
Modelling Command and Control Modelling Command and Control
Modelling Command and Control Modelling Command and Control

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