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Part 1: Exploring accounting concepts and procedures

When the company needs to invest in a new project, it may need to consider whether the returns will be able to meet the expectations of the investors. To complicate matters, most companies use a mixture of debt and equity to finance their business.

Thus cost of capital involves a mixture of the cost of equity and the cost of debt. In this case, the cost of capital for a company is the required rate of return that the company needs to earn in order to pay the debts and to meet the expectations of the rate of return required by the investors. Weighted Average Cost of Capital WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital is defined as the average cost of capital for a company, calculated as a weighted average of the costs of equity and the costs of debt.

Cost of Equity The Cost of Equity is defined as the rate of return that an investor expects to earn for bearing risks in investing in the shares of a company. Cost of Equity Gordon In the Dividend Growth Model by Gordon, the price of a company stock is calculated as the sum of all the company's future dividends.

Cost of Capital Workbook

The dividends are assumed to be growing at a constant rate. Cost of Debt A company's debt is usually a mixture of loans, bonds and other securities.

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Corporate Finance Workbook: A Practical Approach, Second Edition

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Cost of Capital Workbook Cost of Capital Workbook
Cost of Capital Workbook Cost of Capital Workbook
Cost of Capital Workbook Cost of Capital Workbook
Cost of Capital Workbook Cost of Capital Workbook
Cost of Capital Workbook Cost of Capital Workbook
Cost of Capital Workbook Cost of Capital Workbook

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